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F# and Home Assistant helping take the bins out on time

Combining F# and Home Assistant, with native mobile notifiactions to take the bins out

Public Key Encryption with the JavaScript Web Crypto API

How to use Public Key Encryption on the web with JavaScript

Ridiculously cheap offsite backups using rclone and AWS S3 Glacier

Here's how I use rclone for offsite backups, which only costs cents

Reclaiming disk space for the dotnet developer

Reclaiming disk space for the dotnet developer

ASP.NET Core CORS Wildcard Subdomains

Leverage wildcard subdomains for CORS in ASP.NET Core

Visual Studio - Http Files

Send HTTP requests directly from your Visual Studio IDE

Optimising Images for the Web

Reduce file sizes by switching to a new web-optimmised image format

Disabling Controller methods in ASP.NET Core

Disable certain Controller methods by Environment/Build in ASP.NET Core

My old laptop, is my new web server

Don't throw away old tech, even the broken stuff. Put it to work!

Back up DVDs with MakeMKV (makemkvcon) and disable auto updates on Linux

Back up DVDs using the MakeMKV cli (makemkvcon) and disable auto updates on Linux